Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions

An integral part of these rules is the Data Privacy Policy.

Short Terms and Conditions
1. Products are reserved in real time. The order is available for payment immediately after placing. Reservation of goods within 5 working days; in case of non-receipt of payment, the order is deleted.
2. Dispatch after receiving payment or after receiving the order (if payment is on the spot). Standard dispatch time is 1-2 business days, up to a maximum of 5 business days.
3. For orders over 1000 CZK there is a 10% discount (and free delivery to the recipient in the Czech Republic). The discount does not apply to wholesale or special offer items. All orders are processed including VAT.
If you have a valid VAT number, we send goods without VAT in accordance with EU law. If you place an order and want to issue export declarations, please write to us.
4. Shipping costs depend on the destination country and the weight of the order. Orders with payment upon receipt are sent only within the Czech Republic. Rates for shipping to other countries.

Full Terms and Conditions.

Company - OKTA Trade s.r.o.

Address: Czech Republic, 58253 Stoky, Stoky 444

Registration number: 28951077

VAT-number: CZ28951077

The price of the product.
The base currency in the store is the Czech crown. The buyer has the right to choose and use in payments another currency from the list supported by the store. Currency conversion occurs automatically based on the company’s internal rates.
The price of the product is valid at the time of placing the order and can change at the discretion of the Administration only if the following two conditions coincide:
1. the choice of payment currency by the buyer is different from the base one
2. the change in the exchange rate of the selected currency to the base currency by more than 10% before the moment of payment
In all other cases, the price cannot be changed.
If an order is canceled for any reason, a subsequent order will be placed based on current currency quotes.
The shipping cost is added to the order amount, calculated automatically based on the destination and the weight of the order, including the weight of the packaging. In the event of an unplanned increase in the delivery price (up to 15% of the calculated delivery cost), all costs of paying additional fees are borne by the seller. In other cases, as agreed with the buyer.
The cost of packaging is the price of the product and cannot be reduced.
All additional costs, such as customs fees, duties, etc., if any, are paid by the buyer in accordance with the laws of their country.
All orders are processed including VAT.
If you have a valid VAT number, we send goods without VAT in accordance with EU law. To do so, be sure to email us before your first order via the contact form! If you place an order and want to issue export declarations, please write to us.

Ordering goods.
Products can be ordered through the online store. After placing an order, the buyer receives a message with an order form. When placing an order, all products are reserved in the required and available quantity. After placing an order, it is immediately available for payment. Discount, VAT and delivery are calculated automatically. Changes cannot be made to the formed order; if the order needs to be changed, write to us and we will cancel the order. After the order is cancelled, the product is removed from the reserve and is available for re-order.

Terms and procedure for order fulfillment.
The order is dispatched depending on the workload of the warehouse, the standard dispatch time is 1-2 working days from the date of payment, maximum 5 working days. If you want your order to be shipped by a certain date, please contact the Administration to avoid misunderstandings. If there are any price promotions, the packaging time may be increased.

Payment for the order.
The order is dispatched only after full payment by the buyer. Payment for the order is carried out by the buyer using the payment systems provided by the seller, by transfer or using payment cards. Please note that not all payment options are available for some special buyer groups (bulk buyers with a discount). In case of non-receipt or incomplete receipt of payment within 5 working days after the order is placed, the order is deleted from the system.
By agreement with the Administration, it is possible to extend the payment period or early termination/change of the order.

Order delivery.
Delivery of the order is carried out using the services provided by the Czech Post and other companies available for the country of delivery of the order. In some cases, by agreement with the Administration, it is possible to use international delivery services or use additional services such as cargo insurance, etc. Delivery rates depend on the weight of the order including packaging, type of delivery and destination and correspond to the rates of the delivery service used.
Ownership of the goods passes to the buyer at the moment the goods are transferred to the delivery service. The seller is not responsible for any conflict situations arising due to restrictions on the shipment of goods in force in the buyer's country.

Return of goods, defects and errors when completing an order.
Return of goods is possible within 14 days after receipt (the period can be extended by agreement with the Administration), purchase without specifying the reasons for the return, provided that the goods are intact, the packaging is intact and there are documents confirming the purchase (unless otherwise agreed with the Administration). The buyer pays for shipping themselves and for duty clearance the goods to the seller. After receiving the returned goods by the seller and confirming their safety, the buyer has the right to either exchange the goods for a similar one in value, or apply for a refund of the money previously paid for the returned goods. If an application for a refund is submitted, the parties, by agreement, choose the option of returning them to the buyer.

If a defect is detected, the buyer must inform the Administration about the items to be replaced and send a photo of the defective product. Based on the photo, the Administration will decide whether there is a defect. For buyers in the Czech Republic, the goods are returned in any case if the buyer does not want to use other compensation. For buyers from other countries, due to expensive delivery, the defect will be assessed according to the type:
1. does not worsen the properties of the goods
2. slightly worsens the properties of the goods
3. significantly worsens the properties of the goods
Compensation depends on the type of defect. In case of slight deterioration in the properties of the goods, the Administration provides a discount on defective goods in the amount of 20%. By which the amount of the next order will be reduced. If the defect significantly worsens the properties of the product, the Administration provides the buyer with several options for replacing the defective product:
1. sending a similar product (at the store’s expense)
2. refunding the amount paid for the defective product (subject to using a payment system that allows a refund)
3. crediting the amount paid for the defective product goods towards the next order.
In case of disagreement, the buyer always has the right to return the goods in accordance with the terms of return of goods.

During order fulfillment, there may be a difference between the balance of goods in the warehouse and in the store, as well as there may be defective goods. In this case, for objective reasons, the store will not be able to fulfill the order in full. When placing an order, the buyer can choose the option - to return the money for the missing goods or contact for a replacement. If the option is not selected or the refund option is selected, then the money for missing products will be refunded. If the option to contact for a replacement is selected, a replacement will be offered for any item up to the price of the missing item +20%. For some payment options (international bank transfer, money transfer) it is not possible to make a partial refund, so in any case there will be only replacement of the goods.

If upon receipt of the order the buyer discovers the absence or discrepancy of any ordered product, the Administration, if possible, sends a replacement free of charge. If it is impossible to send a replacement, the buyer is offered to send another product. There is no time limit for sending a replacement, as it can often take a long time to order an out-of-stock item. For its part, the Administration undertakes to take all measures to order the missing product as soon as possible.
Only one free delivery is allocated to correct all errors made in one order. If any additional errors are discovered after the replacement has been shipped, the customer will be required to pay additional shipping or wait for the replacement to be shipped on the next order, subject to space availability.

Product information and recommendations:
· Products presented in the store are purchased only directly from the manufacturer or from an official representative; the Administration guarantees compliance with the specified manufacturer's brand.
· The company guarantees that the product corresponds to the brand indicated on the label, with the exception of technical errors.
· Please note that product colors displayed on your monitor may differ from actual colors due to monitor calibration and specifications, as well as lighting conditions.
· The weight of the goods corresponds to the declared one with an accuracy of 0.5 grams, with the exception of goods in original packaging.
· The size of the product is determined by the manufacturer's marking or by selective measurement using electronic means with a measurement scale of 0.05 mm.
· You can always get additional information about the product from the store administration.
Using classic transfer systems increases the time required for payment to be credited to several days.
Additional coatings and processing of goods by third-party companies may be of worse quality than the manufacturer's coatings.

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