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Latest addition:

  • 09-10-2018 - all for bead storage, Lily Petal Beads, Paisley Beads, Kite Beads, Cabochon Baroque Beads
  • 22-08-2018 - Miyuki Delica, Round, Nymo
  • 02.07.2018 - Glass cabochons; czech beads Crescent, O-ring, Cabochon, Gekko, daggers and drops.

Goods Restock

Japanese seed beads MIYUKI Beads02-10-2018 Stringing materials and Soutache20-09-2018
Exclusive seed beads COTOBE05-12-2017 Needles for beading20-09-2018
Japanese seed beads TOHO Beads02-10-2018 Beads02-10-2018
Czech seed beads Preciosa Ornela12-04-2018 Cabochons18-06-2018
Japanese seed beads MATSUNO Beads0 products
Jewelry finding0 products
Crystal components Swarovski31-05-2018 French sequins 18-05-2018
Crystal components Preciosa20-09-2018



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