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Czech Republic - 33,16%, Japan - 51,71%, US - 4,16%, Europe - 10,3%, Asia - 0,65%


New products:

  • 03/09/2017 - Czech Beads
  • 19/03/2017 - Czech Beads
  • 08/02/2017 - DiamonDuo

Goods Restock

Japanese seed beads MIYUKI Beads25-09-2017
Stringing materials and Soutache25-09-2017
Exclusive seed beads COTOBE03-08-2017
Needles for beading25-09-2017
Japanese seed beads TOHO Beads03-09-2017 Beads03-09-2017
Czech seed beads Preciosa Ornela
Japanese seed beads MATSUNO Beads0 products
Jewelry finding0 products
Crystal components Swarovski05-06-2017
French sequins
Crystal components Preciosa05-06-2017
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